My name is Andrew Beard Im 39 years old living in Borth, Wales. I have a family including my fiancee and 2 children. I have had an avid  interest in the paranormal from a very young age. My First experience was at around 7 years old after being visited by a dead relative. Since that time I have encountered several spirits and entity's and also became aware that I am a sensitive so I can see, feel and hear ghosts also known as Clairscentience. I have several spirit guides who provide me with information and help me with knowledge of past events. I do what i do for the love of it, to give people an insight into the paranormal and see if there really is life after death. My main goal is to prove the existence of the after life and capture ground breaking evidence. My mantra is and has always been "For the believer, no proof is necessary. For the non believer no proof is possible"

Andrew Beard
Lead Investigator
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