Saturday 9th March 2019

After several investigations at the Silver Mines this night turned out to be one of the most terrifying nights to date.

When investigating the lower mine we were drawn to a new spirit who we had not encountered before. Kerrie and myself  were very aware of the presence from the early stages of our first vigil in the mine that night. we captured some incredible EVPs which can be found on our Facebook page This new spirit was a very dark foreboding spirit who was strongly connected to the mine. We also encountered some new presences withing the dressing shed  and other areas of the mine.

To hear our recording and see some interesting photos visit our gallery and our Facebook pages.

Saturday February 2nd 2019

Every now and then during paranormal investigation you come across an investigation that doesn't seem t o produce much evidence.

Although during the night we observed many cold spots, strange noises and also voices, much of this wasn't captured. As an investigation it was one of the best we ever had during our group vigils where everyone experienced something.

Due ti the time of year it was probably thee coldest investigation we gad ever had so being able to feel cold spots throughout many reputedly haunted areas was a real  coo.

With  a further 3 investigations during 2019 it was a great start and hopefully will lead to some more fascinating evidence

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