Our latest investigation took place last Saturday at the Silver Mines and it turned out to be an absolutely chilling night in many ways. In sub zero temperatures with our brave public guests we investigated some of the most haunted areas and came up with some fascinating insight once again. Not only did we have some auible interaction from our resident ghosts, we also had some very interactve glass tipping sessions with some new evidence of new spirits.


To see some of our videos and our audio recordings please visit my YouTube page or visit the investigations gallery on this page. You can also find it on  

Saturday August 4th 2018

This was our long awaited all-night investigation and it was a terrific investigation. We had an amazing glass tipping session involving new spirits. Andy our new investigator has taken some really good photos and videos which you can view on our YouTube page (search for and our facebook page We have also got a brilliant EvP Class 1 which you can find our gallery page and through soundcloud. We also had several unexplained noises throughout the night from all areas of the mine. It was  a brilliant night and we all had a brilliant time during the night and also had a trigger object moved. September has now sold out but we have added a night on the 6th October if you want to come and investigate this fascinating place with us

SATURDAY May 12th 2018

On what turned out to be an extremely interesting night we unfortunately had some very annoying equipment failures. I took several EvP sessions and out of 4 only 2 worked. I placed a voice recorder in a locked off area which completely failed. We had camera malfunctions, temperature fluctuations, audible voices all night in what can only be described as a very intense atmosphere which absolutely drained me as a sensitive.

This was probably the strangest and most 

un-explainable night we have had. Bring on the all nighter in August!!

All our evidence links can be found on, and our gallery. 

Saturday 22nd September and 6th October 2018

Our last two investigations of 2018 were extremely active and eventful. Unfortunately though they were absolutely riddled with technical issues, equipment failures and energy drains. One terrific piece of photographic evidence was captured (see left) and also two phenomenal EVP's all of which can be found on our facebook page here. We have had a phenomenal year at the mines and captured some amazing evidence. Our 2019 dates are on sale here where we hope to continue our story. Thank you to all who joined us this year and we look forward to some more evidence presenting itself next year .. Happy Hauntings

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