September 14th 2017 9pm-2:30am

After reviewing all the evidence from the Silver mines i'm pleased to report of a very interesting nights investigation. We experienced some very loud noises within the tunnels including some footsteps walking towards us. In the Black Chasm we experienced some very strange phenomenon including taps and knocks, disembodied voices and very strange light anomolies. I have one photo of a mist like object caught in the grounds (see gallery). I have a return visit planned on the 11th November and then a very exciting first public night 25th November. If you would like to joins us, To book please visit or click the picture on the left

Saturday November 25th 2017 8pm -2:30am

Our first public investigation night has taken place this weekend and what a night ! We did a full group investigation on the most reputedly haunted parts of the site and captured some amazing evidence while conducting experiments including glass tipping and EVP sessions


Some still photography has also captured some really good light anomalies and other things that are so far unexplainable.


By far the best piece of evidence came in the main mine where we captured spirit lights of what we consider to be torches of the miners. To view the videos and photos please visit my YouTube channel and the gallery pages on this site.

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